Capacete Tratamento Capilar Lumiflow 272 Pontos De Laser


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Revolucionario capacete sacado nos EUA com 272 pontos de laser para o estimulo total da cobertura capilar, indicado para homens e mulheres. Lumiflow 272 Diodes, FDA Cleared Laser Casco para tratamento de perda de cabelo de afinação para homens e mulheres. A luz estimula os folículos capilares para o crescimento mais grosso do cabelo. About the product Laser light therapy improves cellular respiration and function by stimulating the hair follicle cells. Better breathing cells, make for a better functioning hair follicle and a thicker, healthier, stronger hair. Improve your Hair Improve your Confidence! This FDA Cleared Laser Cap is a Low Level Laser Therapy device, a safe form of light treatment that covers the entire region of your head, working to stimulate the scalp and provide energy to the hair follicles in both the resting and shedding phases of the hair cycle. Significantly more private, effective and convenient than a laser comb and other heavy awkward laser helmets on the market! Same technology as Capillus. More diodes for LESS. High-end, portable, luxury laser cap to restore your hair in the comfort of your home or away. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery pack that can be clipped to your clothes or slipped into your pocket. Compare to Capillus 272 and other similar brands you can only purchase through a physician at more than 3x the cost of our product! The best non-invasive holistic hair treatment on the market! Suitable for men and women, the low level laser cap offers a non-surgical option to manage thinning hair and hair loss due to androgenic alopecia, stress, diet, age, health, etc. Read more about How Laser Therapy Works in the product description below. Each order shipment includes the laser helmet, a portable battery pack, power charger, detailed user manual, and a ball cap (see product images). Without a doubt, THE best laser cap for hair growth! WAY less costly than in-office laser treatments, and more convenient! Get yours today!